A hunter’s relationship with their guns is a personal one, therefore it is quite understandable that one may prefer their own. Champion Outdoor Adventure’s welcomes personal firearms. Entry can be a time consuming process and regulations often change. Here’s a few tips:

  • It should be noted that more than one shotgun is essential for this trip. You will be shooting at the very least 1000 shells per day, guns get hot, a backup is necessary.
  • Twenty-one is the minimum age for entry into the country with one or more firearms for the purpose of hunting.
  • Three is the maximum number of firearms allowed per one individual.
  • Entry is conditional upon obtaining a Temporary Import Permit from the Argentine Consulate serving your state---Prices vary for this service and are subject to change without notice; at the time of this post fees range from $40 to $60 USD/gun.
  • Applying for a Temporary Import Permit requires
  1. filling out this form, leaving no incomplete fields
  2. signing it before the Notary Public
  3. sending it to our offices it to your assigned consulate with: passport sized photograph, copy of a return airline ticket, photocopy of the importer's driver’s license as proof or address, photocopy of the first page of the importer's passport, USD Money Order payable to the Embassy of Argentina, copy of valid state issued gun permit containing the description of the firearm, prepaid postage envelope for the application to be return after being legalized.
  • Once issued several copies of the Temporary Import Permit must be made and accompanied with you on your flight along with you state issued permit.
  • Upon arrival, guns must be declared and RENAR gun permit forms purchased at the International Airport in Argentina. Entry fee per gun must be paid to the National Police Authority---Prices vary for this service and are subject to change without notice; at the time of this post fees range from $80 to $150 USD per gun.
  • It is imperative that you remember to allow for time when importing your personal firearm. At arrival in Argentina you will travel through immigration, next the RENAR (the Argentine Police whom check in and release permits for your firearms), then customs. This tends to be a lengthy process and may conflict with your travel schedule.

Please refer to the Argentine Consulate website and RENAR website for further and more up to date information on firearm importation.

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