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At Champion Hunting Adventures, we pride ourselves on offering fully customizable itineraries to suit your unique preferences and needs. While we recommend a minimum stay of 4 days to truly immerse yourself in the experience, any length of trip can be arranged. This duration allows for a harmonious blend of thrilling hunting sessions, relaxation, and the opportunity to explore the rich Argentine culture. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded and memorable adventure, ensuring you leave with not just a great hunt, but also a collection of unforgettable experiences.

champion hunting adventure group with trophy birds

Sample: 4-Day Argentine Hunting Itinerary

estancia del pilar sign

Day 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires

Overnight Flight: Begin your journey with a comfortable overnight flight to Buenos Aires.

Morning: Arrive early in Buenos Aires. Enjoy a warm welcome and a transfer to your hotel.

Morning Free: Spend the morning exploring Buenos Aires at your leisure. Take in the local sights and enjoy a delightful lunch in the city.

5 PM: Prepare for an enchanting evening with a wine tasting, followed by a sumptuous dinner and a captivating cultural show.

Night: Transfer back to your hotel for a restful night.

man with trophy birds

Day 2: Transfer to Santa Fe and First Hunt

Morning: After breakfast, transfer to the domestic airport for your flight to Santa Fe.

Arrival at Santa Fe: Transfer from the airport to the hunting lodge.

Afternoon: Settle in at the lodge and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Afternoon Hunt: Embark on your first exhilarating hunting experience, assisted by a dedicated bird boy.

Evening: Return to the lodge for relaxation and an excellent dinner.

three men with shell casings

Day 3: Full Day Hunting Experience

Morning Hunt: Start the day with an exciting morning hunt.

Lunch and Relaxation: Return to the lodge for a leisurely lunch and some time to relax.

Afternoon Hunt: Head back out for an afternoon hunting session.

Evening: Enjoy a delightful dinner at the lodge and relax in the evening.

group of men with bird trophies

Day 4: Final Hunt and Departure

Morning Hunt: Enjoy a final memorable hunting session in the morning.

Lunch: Relish a hearty lunch at the lodge.

Transfer to Airport: Transfer to the Santa Fe airport for your flight to Buenos Aires.

Arrival in Buenos Aires: Depending on your flight schedule, transfer to your hotel in Buenos Aires or directly to the international airport for your return flight to the USA. Remember to allow ample time for transfers between airports.

Note: This itinerary is designed to offer a mix of hunting excitement, relaxation, and a taste of Argentine culture, ensuring an unforgettable experience with Champion Hunting Adventures.

Each itinerary is a starting point for an unforgettable experience, meticulously crafted to blend thrilling hunting escapades with the rich tapestry of Argentine culture and luxury. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or seeking a new adventure, our expert team is dedicated to crafting a journey that exceeds your expectations. Embark with us on a voyage where every detail is tailored to your desires, ensuring not just a hunt, but a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime. Ready to begin your adventure? Contact us today to customize your dream hunting expedition!

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