Is Argentina safe?

Definitely! Argentina is considered to be one of the most politically stable countries in South America. You will find no safer place than within the rural areas where in our lodges are located. Although, like any country with major cities such as Buenos Aires, Argentina can have a problem with petty crime pertaining to tourist. Our advice, use common sense. Keep belongings or bags within eyes sight at all times and refrain from wearing flashy jewelry when visiting major cities.

What are Argentina’s entry requirements?

Only a valid passport is necessary to gain entry into Argentina. Visas, special immunizations nor a reciprocity fee are required for tourism to Argentina for U.S. Citizens. The reciprocity fee still applies to Australian and Canadian passport holders.

What type of currency will I need?

At the lodge personal checks are accepted for shotgun shell and any pro shop purchases. The US dollar is the preferred currency for tipping. Hunting and lodging have been paid for ahead of time; what happens if you choose to travel outside the lodge? Pesos are the general form of payment accepted anywhere outside of the lodge. The US dollar to Peso conversion rate fluctuates often; otherwise we would have been happy to provide that information for you.

What part of Argentina will I be traveling to?

We placed our lodges within the most desirable locations within the Provence of Córdoba, known as the heartland of Argentina due to its geographically central location.

How do I get there?

Commonly our customers travel to either Córdoba, Buenos Aires, or San Javier by air. Frequent international flights to Córdoba or Buenos Aires can be found from any major city. There are also several domestic flights available from Buenos Aires to Córdoba and San Javier. When scheduling, keep in mind to allow time for layovers and customs, especially if your plan on bringing your own firearm.

Will I be met me at the airport? If, so by whom?

Yes a member of our friendly staff will meet you at the airport whether in Córdoba or Buenos Aires, or San Javier depending on the hunt you select.

What is the expected travel time from the airport to the lodge?

Our lodges are broken up by species being hunted, so expected travel time depends on the lodge you’ve chosen to visit. Time varies between 1.5 hours to reach our La Forestal lodge for dove hunting and 3 hours to reach our lodge located in San Javier for duck hunting. Points of entry will be either Buenos Aires or Córdoba depending on the hunt you select.


How many hunters can you accommodate in one party?

Up to twelve hunters can be accommodated comfortably.

Is there a dress code at the lodge?

No, we encourage you to be comfortable, casual attire is adequate. Be sure to check the forecasted weather for our area when packing.

What amenities does the lodge provide?

For your convenience each lodge is equipped with Wi-Fi. We also provide basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo, additional linens as well as laundry service.

What other activates are available at the lodge?

Activities include a picturesque pool to use at your leisure as well as a masseuse happy to serve you with an appointment after a long day in the field. In addition, for your entertainment, live local music and cultural dance performances such as the Argentinian Tango may be presented.

Will my phone work?

In our experience you should not have a problem using your personal cell phone. For additional questions contact your service provider regarding international calls or any international plans offered.

Is it customary to tip at the lodge?

Gratuity is customary and graciously promoted. A group tip is distributed evenly among our lodge staff which include your driver, guide, servers, bartenders, and housekeeping. Individual tips should be made to the bird boys assigned to you and, if services are used, the masseuse.
Suggested tips: Bird Boy- $200 USD/3 day hunt, Lodge Staff Pooled Gratuity- $100 USD


May I bring my own firearm? If so, what are the guidelines for firearm importation?

A hunter’s relationship with their guns is a personal one, therefore it is quite understandable that one may prefer their own. Champion Outdoor Adventure’s welcomes personal firearms. Entry can be a time consuming process and regulations often change. Here’s a few tips:

  • It should be noted that more than one shotgun is essential for this trip. You will be shooting at the very least 1000 shells per day, guns get hot, a backup is necessary.
  • Twenty-one is the minimum age for entry into the country with one or more firearms for the purpose of hunting.
  • Three is the maximum number of firearms allowed per one individual.
  • Entry is conditional upon obtaining a Temporary Import Permit from the Argentine Consulate serving your state---Prices vary for this service and are subject to change without notice; at the time of this post fees range from $40 to $60 USD/gun.
  • Applying for a Temporary Import Permit requires
  1. filling out this form, leaving no incomplete fields
  2. signing it before the Notary Public
  3. sending it to our offices it to your assigned consulate with: passport sized photograph, copy of a return airline ticket, photocopy of the importer's driver’s license as proof or address, photocopy of the first page of the importer's passport, USD Money Order payable to the Embassy of Argentina, copy of valid state issued gun permit containing the description of the firearm, prepaid postage envelope for the application to be return after being legalized.
  • Once issued several copies of the Temporary Import Permit must be made and accompanied with you on your flight along with you state issued permit.
  • Upon arrival, guns must be declared and RENAR gun permit forms purchased at the International Airport in Argentina. Entry fee per gun must be paid to the National Police Authority---Prices vary for this service and are subject to change without notice; at the time of this post fees range from $80 to $150 USD per gun.
  • It is imperative that you remember to allow for time when importing your personal firearm. At arrival in Argentina you will travel through immigration, next the RENAR (the Argentine Police whom check in and release permits for your firearms), then customs. This tends to be a lengthy process and may conflict with your travel schedule.

Please refer to the Argentine Consulate website and RENAR website for further and more up to date information on firearm importation.

Are firearms available for rent?

Certainty. Hunters tend to prefer the convenience of renting on site. Benefits include daily cleaning and a guaranteed backup firearm. We offer a range of firearms at $75 USD per day of hunting.

What available types of firearms do you offer?

  • Benelli 20 Gauge Automatic
  • Berretta 20 Gauge Automatic
  • Berretta 20 Gauge Over & Under
  • Silver Pigeon 28 Gauge Over & Under
  • .410 Silver Pigeon Over & Under (upon advanced request)

Are licenses required?

A License is required per each day of hunt and is included in your final invoice.

May I bring my own shells?


What if I do not use all the shells purchased or wish to purchase extra?

The price of shells used throughout your stay will be included on your final invoice.

Are plugs required or available for use?

Plugs are not a requirement in Argentina. Due to the vast population of doves you will have the opportunity to enjoy high volume wing shooting like never before.

What firearm services and accessories are provided or available for purchase?

Daily cleaning services for firearms is included in your package.


What is the appropriate attire for hunt?

There is no dress code for our hunts, comfort is key. That being said, it is important to dress for the weather and activity. A sturdy pair of boots as well as a shooting/recoil shirt are strongly recommended.

What is the weather like?

Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere so seasons are opposite from those on the Northern Hemisphere. Summer extends from December to February and winter extends from June to August.

When is the high season?

Dove hunting is a year round event. Other species such as pigeon, perdiz or duck are best hunted in the summer months.

How far is the field from the lodge?

Between 15 and 45 minutes.

How will we travel from the lodge to the field?

Our Mercedes Z580 Mertis Van will commute your party.

What type of terrain is to be expected of the hunting field?

Agricultural fields with a mixture of rolling hills and brush.

What are the responsibilities of the Bird Boys?

Bird boys are heavily relied upon and utilized in the field. These skillful men carry your gear and back up firearm, track your shots, replenish your pouch with shells, load firearms, retrieve shells and birds, display shells and birds for photo opportunities as well as supply cool drinks to keep hydrated throughout your day.

May I bring doves home from Argentina?

Unfortunately the USDA prohibits exportation of doves.


What does the package include?

Lodging, meals, open bar, three day hunt, transfer to hunting fields as well as transportation to and from the airport are included in your package.

What other hunts do you offer?

Depending on the season, we offer pigeon, duck and perdiz hunts as well.

Are there single shooter packages and or availabilities?

If availability allows, absolutely. Contact us directly for additional assistance.

How do I reserve my dates?

A payment totaling 50% of package costs are due in order to book a reservation. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your trip.

May I purchase an extra day, if so what is the price?

If availability allows, absolutely. Contact us directly for additional assistance.

Do you offer trip insurance?

Insurance is not included in your package but it is recommended. For additional information contact Global Rescue at (800) 381-9754 or visit their website at

Interested in learning more about hunting duck, dove, pigeon and perdiz in Argentina? Questions about dorado fishing, lodging or other key details of your upcoming trip? Call Champion Hunting today at 361-877-6622 and one of our experts will be happy to help.

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