Pigeon Hunting

A time-honored sport

Prepare for Adventure

There are two types of pigeons in this area: the blue/grey wild pigeon and the spotted pigeon. Not only are they populous in Argentina, but are also a sporting target because of their decoy abilities and speedy flight. When you book with us, you should be prepared to shoot between 300-600 rounds each day for a thrilling and rewarding hunt!


Find your Victory in Argentina

Expert guides, intimately familiar with the habits and habitats of pigeons, lead hunters through carefully selected terrains, ensuring a fruitful and exciting hunt. These excursions are more than just a pursuit of game; they are a deep dive into the art and tradition of pigeon hunting.

With Champion Hunting Adventures, pigeon hunting in Argentina becomes an unforgettable adventure!

Creating Memories in Argentina

Our packages offer a memorable blend of exhilarating outdoor adventure and tailored service. Reserve your pigeon hunting journey with Champion Hunting Adventures now and forge unforgettable experiences in one of the globe's top hunting locales.


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