We are convinced that individuals who travel together build stronger bonds. For that reason, we encourage you to come together! Whoever your traveling buddy or buddies, your destination awaits! Here are a few ideas for group travel:

1. Father & Son or Father & Daughter

We know that it is becoming more difficult to find wholesome activities to share with your children. At Champion, we believe that a trip with us is a perfect way to strengthen family ties, fortify core values and make lasting memories together. We will also cater your experience to activities you both will enjoy.

Father and Son Hunting Excursion in Argentina

2. Girls' Trip

It's more than trendy, it's a traditional group vacation that will make you glad you came! No matter how big or small your group of pals is, we can have a package tailored to all of your interest. Whether your group includes the conventional hunter, the eager shopper, or the sight-seeing tourist, there is a buffet of activity awaiting you all!

Girls Trip Hunting Excursion in Argentina

3. Couple's Quality Time

Maybe you’ve had your fair share of beach and are ready for something different. Besides, being out in the open fields and embarking on adventures together is romance at its finest. Whatever you desire, we can build special itineraries that suit both of your interest.

4. Corporate Incentive

What better way to motivate your employees than an employer-sponsored vacation? Whether a reward for meeting business goals or incentive for the next big quarter, a trip with us will do the trick!

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