Ready for an international expedition like no other? You'll love everything about hunting in the beautiful wilderness of Argentina. This adventure could change your life, but you'll want to arrive feeling fully prepared for every possibility. Keep the following in mind as you plan your very first Argentina hunt vacation:

Planning Your First Argentina Hunt Vacation

Top Species

Your average hunt in Argentina might not look quite like a typical hunt back home. In addition to dealing with different terrain and vegetation, you'll likely target species with which you are unfamiliar. Game bird hunting is a big deal here, with eared doves especially prominent throughout the nation. Similar in many respects to mourning doves, these birds hold a high population density and have been known to cause damage to local crops.

Beyond eared doves, hunting trips in Argentina may also involve:

  • Teal, pintail, or wigeon ducks
  • Spotted pigeons and blue/gray wild pigeons
  • Perdiz — red-legged French partridges 

Weather Plays a Huge Role in Local Hunts

Which species you target will depend somewhat on weather, as will your packing list and general comfort throughout the trip. Be prepared for a temperate climate, in which hot summers (between December and February) are common.

Learning About the Culture

In addition to exposing you to Argentina's stunning scenery, a hunting trip can also grant you a better sense of the nation's vibrant culture. Be open to interacting with locals — you never know what you might discover.

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