During 2008 we got in touch with FREE WHEELCHAIR MISSION from USA. Having in mind their idea of "TRANSFORMING LIVES THROUGH THE GIFT OF MOBILITY”, we started to work in the distribution of wheelchairs in Argentina. We joined CILSA, one of the most important NGO’s of our country. Since 2009 we have delivered more than 10,000 wheelchairs! By every client that contracts a trip with CHAMPION OUTDOOR ADVENTURES, It will donate a wheelchair to CILSA through FREE WHEELCHAIR MISSION. Likewise, if a client donates to FWM directly, he/she will receive a receipt for that transaction.

CILSA is developing a program in Argentina which includes the delivery of approximately four thousand chairs by year.


What is CILSA?

CILSA (Inclusion Center and Solidary of Argentina) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with a welfare purpose, established on 14 May of 1966, in Santa Fe, Argentina. The main purpose of CILSA is to promote full inclusion of people from marginalized sectors of society, such as socially vulnerable children, adolescents and handicapped persons. This important NGO has institutional presence in the most important cities of Argentina.

Thanks to ongoing collaboration of its Partners, CILSA carries out the following Social Programs:

  • National Program of Distribution Orthopedic Devices
  • National Awareness Program
  • National Recreation and Sports Program
  • National Scholarship and Opportunities Program
  • National Program “A child, a future”
  • Volunteer Area