Doves are one of the most popular game birds to hunt throughout much of the world. But if you truly want dove hunting at its best, you should plan your next trip with Champion Outdoor Adventures. Here are three reasons why.

Dove hunting

1.  We’re Located in the Dove Hunting Capital of the World 

First, we’re located in the Cordoba area of North Central Argentina, where more than an estimated 25 million doves fly through. Although we offer multiple types of bird hunting, including duck, perdiz, and pigeon, doves are the most prominent game bird. Due to the damage they cause to local crops, they’re considered a nuisance for many farmers, which makes them ideal for hunting. 

So if you’re looking for sheer volume, Champion Outdoor Adventures offers some of the best dove hunting in the world. 

2.  Amazing Accommodations

Though exhilarating, dove hunting can also be exhausting. To ensure a pleasant experience from start to finish, we offer top-of-the-line lodging for packages like Cast and Blast, which includes three dove shooting days and one fishing day in San Javier, Argentina. For this adventure, there’s a four-day stay at La Forestal Lodge, which you can learn more about here.

We also have a team of outstanding chefs that will cook delicious meals to ensure you’re properly fed during your hunts. And we have a warm and welcoming staff to oversee your stay, answer questions, and make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

3.  Group Programs

One of the biggest thrills of dove hunting is the camaraderie and strong bonds it creates. To facilitate this, we offer four different group programs, including the following:

  • Father and son/father and daughter adventures - This is the perfect setting for quality parent-child bonding that can create lasting memories.
  • Girls’ trips - Dove hunting isn’t just for the guys. It’s fast becoming popular with women, and we have trips just for the ladies.
  • Couple’s dove hunting - If you’re looking to try something a little different than a traditional vacation, dove hunting is an excellent way for couples to come closer together.
  • Corporate incentive - Dove hunting is also perfect for creating team synergy among employees and getting everyone motivated.

Want to learn more about dove hunting with Champion Hunting Adventures, including our rates, travel information, what to pack, and more? You can find answers to FAQs here. And to book your trip, you can contact us.