Located in beautiful Cordóba, Argentina, Champion Hunting Outdoor Adventures is one of South America’s premier world-class hunting destinations. Whether you’re brand new to hunting or an experienced sportsman, we have everything you need for an unforgettable experience right in the heart of Argentina. Here’s what we offer:

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Hunting Packages

We specialize in four types of hunting packages.

Dove hunting - Experts estimate there are more than 25 million doves that fly through the Cordóba area, making it the most prominent game bird.

Duck hunting - You’ll find a diverse array of duck species, such as teal, pintail, and wigeon, making Cordóba a dream come true for waterfowler enthusiasts.

Pigeon hunting - The blue and gray wild pigeons are the two types of this species you’ll find in the area. Their speed and decoy abilities make them a challenging and extremely rewarding bird to hunt.

Perdiz hunting - Also known as the red-legged French partridge, the perdiz is another challenging bird that will test your skills. And Argentina is one of the best locations in the world for perdiz hunting.

Note that dove hunting can be done year-round, while the summer months are ideal for duck, pigeon, and perdiz hunting.

Firearm Rentals

We understand the unique bond that a hunter has with their firearm and welcome you to bring your own. That said, going through the legalities of entry and dealing with ever-changing regulations can make the process tricky. That’s why we offer firearm rentals at $75 USD per day, which includes a backup and complimentary gun cleaning. Here are the specific firearms we offer:

  • Benelli 20 Gauge Automatic
  • Berretta 20 Gauge Automatic
  • Berretta 20 Gauge Over & Under
  • Silver Pigeon 28 Gauge Over & Under
  • .410 Silver Pigeon Over & Under (upon advanced request)

Note that a proper firearm license is required for each day of a hunt. You can learn more here.


Here are some of the things our customers have enjoyed most about their experiences:

  • The sheer volume of birds
  • The beautiful scenery
  • The friendly, hospitable service from our staff
  • The great accommodations at our lodges
  • The delicious food and drink

What Makes Us Stand Out

Between the world-class hunting, breathtaking natural beauty of central Argentina, and top-of-the-line services and accommodations, Champion Hunting Outdoor Adventures is a must for bird hunting enthusiasts. If you’d like to learn more about what we offer or discuss an upcoming trip, please reach out to us today!

You can contact us through our online form.